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Different in an Indifferent World

A blog about navigating life... without a roadmap

Apr 07

Loving Music in the Digital Age.

  • Thu 7th Apr 2022


So if I play your music on Spotify do you get paid?

Aug 06

Finding My Zen: The Story of my album Silk

  • Fri 6th Aug 2021


I dug a little deeper into the principles behind the Zen philosophy. What resonated with me is that it's very much about Space, Simplicity of form, and  a particular philosophical saying that they have, 

“What's not there is just as important as what is.”

Somehow that phrase gave me the key to the way I wanted to write music...

Apr 05

Learning to live with Grace

  • Mon 5th Apr 2021

I would like to say that I wrote this piece of music for you, but the honest truth is, I wrote this piece of music for myself. I created it to remind myself to try to live each day, and each moment of each day, “With Grace”

So what exactly is Grace?


Mar 29

The Wonder

  • Mon 29th Mar 2021


Its holiday time in the small seaside village where I live,
and it's always easy to tell the people who are not from here.

Aug 16

In This Moment

  • Thu 16th Aug 2018


To create the music I embarked on my own personal “journey of love” if you like -
a quest to take myself to the deepest and most intimate places of love that I could,
and to feel an experience them as wholly as I was able to.