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Richard Goldsworthy

Solo Pianist

Hi, I'm Richard Goldsworthy and I create music for Solo Piano… music which I hope you'll find tranquil, soothing, melodic and uplifting.

Recorded on a Grand Piano, much of my music is inspired by the unique places I've lived and visited... from my early childhood in the Tropical North of Australia, to Kyoto, Japan where I wrote my album Silk, to the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii and the Red Deserts of Arizona where I wrote Lifted… and the beaches, forests and mountains of my home on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

I now invite you to take a moment to relax, to breathe, and to explore my music through the music page  on this site, or via your favorite social or digital music platform...

Mini-album featuring 7 tracks.

Creating new music is like an awakening... a dive into a hidden part of yourself that re-ignites at the touch of inspiration, like the first drops of rain caressing a dormant seed and bringing it to life…  

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Specially curated Playlists  for Sleep, Study, Stillness, Mindfulness and Babies 


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“In the Gentle Arms of Love”

Click the image to watch the official YouTube video... or listen on your favorite platform via my links page

Live Performances

28 Feb
Eumundi Qld

As these venues are outdoor markets, live performances can be subject to weather conditions. Feel free to check in with me closer to the date, or stay in touch via Facebook or Instagram (see links above). And as always, thanks for listening!