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Richard Goldsworthy

Solo Pianist

I believe music is a common language that unites us all. Thanks for listening to mine. My name’s Richard and I write quiet gentle music for solo piano.

I create music under 3 different names, each with a slightly different style and theme. I release solo grand piano music under my own name, Richard Goldsworthy. I have also created a neoclassical felted piano project titled Piano Within, which is a collaboration of music, art, stories and video. And I also record and release traditional and original sacred music under the name The Reverence Project.

One quality I always try to add to my music is stillness. Music that is just the sound of a beautiful resonant Grand Piano. Music that is quiet and simple. Music that calms and embraces you. Music that doesn't have too many notes or frills.

Many of us need more stillness in our lives, but sometimes don't know how to find it. I love when people tell me how my music has helped them, their loved ones or their children… with things like decluttering their mind, sleeping peacefully, meditating, pausing, breathing, and simplifying their life. In today’s world, things we all need to do a little more.

I now invite you to take a moment to relax, to breathe, and to explore my music through the music page  on this site, or via your favorite social or digital music platform...

There is a beautiful phrase in the Japanese language, “Yohaku no bi”, which means “The beauty of empty space”.

Last year, I had the profound experience of composing music on top of a sand dune in the Simpson Desert in Central Australia. Not only was this massively inspirational, it also somehow opened up a new dimension in my music – a space, or perhaps a spaciousness, that wasn’t there before.

I could feel this as I was composing and recording this EP, I but was at a loss as to how to describe it… until I came across this phrase. Trust the Japanese, with their understanding of the principles of Zen, to nail it!

Sometimes we can crowd our music, our art, our minds and our lives with “stuff” that we think should be there… without taking the time to step back and realise that sometimes less is more. And what’s not there is just as important as what is.

Read a review of the album by Steve Sheppard of One World Music Radio here

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Your Tenderness - Official Video

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Live Performances

19 Jun
Alice St, Brisbane City

22 Jun
Eumundi Qld

26 Jun
Eumundi, Qld

As these venues are outdoor markets, live performances can be subject to weather conditions. Feel free to check in with me closer to the date, or stay in touch via Facebook or Instagram (see links above). And as always, thanks for listening!