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An old abandoned house in the late afternoon. Sun streams through cracked, dirty windows, illuminating the dust in the air and bathing in light the frame of an old piano. Fingers find the keys and memories flood back. Memories of laughter, of dance, of sweetness, of sadness and of love lost. Welcome to the world of Piano Within.

Remembering Flowers - Single

It was on a steamy, late summer evening that he first brought her flowers. Their sweet pungent perfume lingered in the still, humid night air, along with his warm musky scent. She left them on the piano, and as their leaves dried and their petals fell over the keys, she remembered him with soft, gentle sadness… the dying flowers an ephemeral wilting reminder of a fleeting moment of bliss.

Remembering Flowers - original watercolour by Sanchia Marshall

I was swept away into another universe as soon as the gentle sounds of "Remembering Flowers" began to play. My imagination was flooded with images of velvety rose petals, smooth ivory keys, and gentle rays of warm sunbeams reflecting across sensual skin and worn floor boards. I felt an overwhelming urge to create something soft, beautiful and feminine...   Read More

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