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Feb 15

Living in our Heartspace

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  • Wed 15th Feb 2023

What is it that makes you feel love?

Perhaps you have a partner... and you feel it as you lie together in the sacred stillness of the deep night, gently touching each other's skin and breathing each other's breath.

Perhaps you have brought a child into this world... and known from that moment you first looked into that child's eyes that you would do anything in your power to ensure that child was loved and was safe – beyond your resources, beyond your strength, beyond your courage, beyond any logical reasoning.

Perhaps you have a friend who has always been there for you. Who has laughed with you in moments of joy, stood beside you in moments of challenge, and cried with you in moments of deepest sadness. Who you may not even see that often, but each time you reconnect it is like you have never been apart.

Perhaps you have a dog that greets you every day and knows how to do absolutely nothing else except love you unconditionally, no matter how you look, what kind of day you're having or what kind of person you are.

Perhaps you know a piece of music, a piece of art, a piece of writing, or a place in nature that simply takes your breath away and makes tears well up in your eyes. That makes you just stop… and just feel.

Perhaps you sit in a place of worship, or in a meditation, or on top of a mountain watching the sunrise and feel love from a higher presence… a God love, or perhaps love from a higher part of yourself. A love that does not fear, does not doubt and does not judge. A love that is all encompassing.

Or perhaps you have forgiven yourself enough, accepted yourself enough, and journeyed through enough that you can look deeply into your own eyes and feel that love for yourself. Pure love that rises just from within you.

For me, these moments of love are the sacred, magical and profound moments in life. The moments that bring us to our Heartspace – the place where we are operating entirely for love. Not from fear, not from need, not from judgement, not from expectation. Just from love.

If we were all able to live in our Heartspace, in every moment of every day, what kind of world would this be?

You can listen to "Heartspace", from my album "In This Moment" here

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