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Feb 09

The Profound Uncertainty of Living in a Liminal time

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  • Thu 9th Feb 2023

I learned a new word this week. Not only did it increase my vocabulary, but it also helped me to understand a little of what I'm feeling right now. That feeling of being just... not... quite... there... yet...?

Apparently energetically, astrologically and spiritually we are in what's called a "liminal" time. It's like the space between two worlds. The transition period when the old is ending but the new hasn't quite begun. When you're standing at a doorway, but you're just not quite ready to walk through yet.

And what that means is being in a state of uncertainty. Wow, don't we all just love that... not!

But as I've been trying to remind myself lately, each season is here for a reason. Here to show us something. And even in a time of uncertainty, it's teaching me to focus not on the things I don't know and what I can't do... but more on the things that I can. Perhaps I don't see the big picture just yet, but I can always ask myself

What can I change in this moment?

What can I do right now, however small, that will nudge me a little further on my way?

And what that does is connects us with the mindfulness thing. It brings us back to being in the true present, rather than worrying about the unknown future.

I can't say that I love being here anymore than I love going to the dentist, but I know it's grounding me, it's strengthening me and it's preparing me for whatever is to come. So tonight I'm lighting a candle, running a bath, pouring a glass of wine, reading some philosophical things and bathing in some profound uncertainty.

See you on the other side 😊

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