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Jun 11

What Will You Create Today?

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  • Sun 11th Jun 2023


Before the dawn of each day there is a sacred moment. A moment of Creation. A moment of renewal and of new beginning.

When we first wake - when we're still half in dream state and half in this world - we are in that moment of creation. And in this moment we have the power to not only shape our day, but also begin to sculpt our life.

What do you create in these moments?

Do you create positivity? Do you awake thankful for your body and your bed and your home? Do you awake filled with love and gratitude for someone you are waking up next to? Or filled with love and gratitude for yourself, all that you are and what you have accomplished in this life?

Or do you perhaps wake angry, stressed or worried about something? There will always be things that make us feel that way. We may not be able to change them, but we can always change how we RESPOND to them. And we can also choose not to invite them into our sacred moment of creation.

I wrote my track “Prelude: Before the Light” looking at the ocean just before dawn. It's about that moment of creation... and when listening I invite you to share in this sacred moment and begin to create for yourself.

What do you feel? What do you dream? What is your highest good? And what is the best that you can possibly be?

Listen to “Prelude: Before the Light” here

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