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Apr 21

What would love do today?

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  • Fri 21st Apr 2023

Have you ever been in one of those spaces where you just can't make a decision? Where you're kind of drifting... waiting to see where the current will take you next?

Where you have all kinds of things on your to-do list but just can't seem to get started on any of them?


I came across an interesting question the other day. A question that seems to have an uncanny knack of helping to sort things out.


The question:  "What would love do today?"


You see, there's a kind of inevitability about love that always leads you somewhere. It could be somewhere you're a bit scared to go at first, but if it's true, honest love it will never take you to the wrong place. You can't stop love from moving, you can't stop it from happening and you can't stop yourself from feeling it. Doing that is like trying to hold back a river.


Sure, sometimes we need to remove ourselves from people who don't reciprocate our love or treat it with respect, but that doesn't mean the love is not there. It's just redirected.


Apart from eating, sleeping and breathing I think there's really only one thing that's impossible for us not to do... and that's to love. You can choose not to hate, but can you choose not to love? Try it. It's damn hard, even when perhaps it doesn't suit you at the time.


We are always making choices. We can choose to judge, we can try not to feel, we can close ourselves down, we can play by the rules... or we can simply just love... and see where it takes us.


If each of us woke up and asked, "What would love do today?", what would change?

And what kind of world would be living in? 

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