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Apr 01

Diving Into Love

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  • Sat 1st Apr 2023


What if

just for today

I chose to be completely fearless.

Completely boundless, without a plan, living just in this moment.

If just for today

I dropped the words “I have to” and “I should” from my vocabulary

and replaced them with “I feel like…”

If just for today

I stopped being who others want me to be

and doing what others expect me to do.

What would happen?

Would people be surprised? Would they be disappointed in me?

Would they judge me? Would they stop loving me?

Or would they feel the lightness of my being

at having the weights of expectation lifted

My joy at allowing myself to be spontaneous

And my spirit shining through my smile…

and say, “I'll have what he's having!”

Sometimes it is not only what we choose to do,

but also what we choose not to do

that most transforms our life and the lives of those around us.

When we dive into love, dive into truth,

and immerse in fully being ourselves,

sometimes we do lose people along the way.

But more often than not,

we are also pleasantly surprised at who comes along for the ride.

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