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Aug 16

In This Moment

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  • Thu 16th Aug 2018


While composing the music for this album, to my surprise a long dormant creative part
of me re-awakened... the part of me that is a writer of words as well as a composer of music.

As well as hearing melodies and chord progressions, I also began to hear words
and phrases. 

So, to accompany each piece of music I also wrote pieces of prose.. to help me connect
with the feelings and emotions I wanted to convey. 

My intention is for the music from In This Moment to open our hearts to the deepest,
richest and most beautiful levels of love that we can experience.
Not just physical or partnership love - although of course that is a big part of it for
many of us - but also the love we feel for parents, children, grandchildren, pets, nature,
our home, our country, a sunset, God… you get the idea.

And to create the music I embarked on my own personal “journey of love” if you like -
a quest to take myself to the deepest and most intimate places of love that I could,
and to feel an experience them as wholly as I was able to. And it was quite a journey!

These pieces of music and the accompanying words are the Moments from my journey
of love. I invite you to listen, to feel, and to experience them with me as you read and listen…
and then to take them into your heart to create your own Moments…

Moments of joy and inspiration, moments of calm and quiet reflection,
moments of holding hands and of touching souls.

Moments of “Being Love”


Listen here….

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