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Apr 07

Loving Music in the Digital Age.

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  • Thu 7th Apr 2022

I am asked this question almost every day now! The short answer is yes, but there's much more to the story…

Many of you who follow me here have known me since the days when the only way to get my music was to buy it on a CD. Wow haven't things changed! And as always, with change comes new challenges…. but also new opportunities.

Basically, if you have either a free or a paid subscription to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, Pandora or any other music platform, I get paid a small amount - a very small amount - every time you play a track. So playing music helps, but if you really want to support me, or any other independent artist you love, there's a lot more that you can do.

Music platforms, like most other things online these days, work on algorithms They automatically promote artists and tracks that their audience appear to be interested in. Tracks that are being listened to and liked and artists who are being followed. And then there's another huge new thing that's come into being - playlists.

Playlists are the new radio stations! Remember when virtually all our music came from the radio… and if we wanted to hear what we liked we tuned into whatever radio station played that music. Well, Playlists are like thousands of radio stations that play exactly the music you like… and even better, you can also create your own with a few taps and clicks. Much better than painstakingly recording a mixtape on to a cassette that eventually got chewed up by the car stereo!

So in this brave new world, here's a few things you can do to support me, or any original artists that you love…

1. Follow or Subscribe. On an Artist Page, hit the FOLLOW button on Spotify, or SUBSCRIBE button on YouTube. You will be notified whenever we release something new, and they will be notified that someone is interested in our music and is following us.

2. Like our Playlists. On my artist profile on Spotify, Apple and Pandora, you will also find specially crafted playlists for Sleep, Study, Mindfulness, Stillness etc. Please like these so they will be added to your library, and then once again your interest will be registered.

3. Add some of our tracks to any playlists that you make yourself. Every track added makes a difference.

4. Listen to our Artist Radio. If you use Pandora, you can create a Richard Goldsworthy radio station which will play the best of my music and music by similar artists. Spotify and Apple also have a “Richard Goldsworthy Radio” option. These are really cool and have helped me to discover a lot of new music that I love.

5. Share our music with your friends. Most apps have 3 little vertical dots that lead to a menu attached to the artist profile, or an album, song or playlist. These lead to an option to share - via social media or a personal message. Shares are connecting our music to a whole new audience we might otherwise never find.

6. Follow us on Instagram, and Facebook if you don't already.

7. Subscribe to my newsletter where you can keep up to date with all of my new projects and new releases… and also receive special offers exclusive to subscribers.

This link will take you to where you can do all of the above for me...

And finally, if you've always enjoyed my music, here are a few of my other favorite pianists who create beautiful music and are definitely worth a listen!

Pianoscapes by Nathan Seiler:

David Nevue:

Oak Brothers Music:

Matthew Labarge:

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