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Jan 23

Welcome to the Year of the Water Rabbit

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  • Mon 23rd Jan 2023

Happy Lunar New Year… and welcome to the year of the Water Rabbit. Do you like my self portrait? 😜 Haha I wish, but I can’t paint or draw for quids. This amazing image is by an artist called Marc Da Matisse (link at the end if you’re interested). But there is a reason for me joking about a self portrait...

You see my friends, I am a Water Rabbit. And for the first time since 1963 when I came into this world, this is MY year! Talk about coming full circle.

It feels like a time of completion, of new beginnings and of truly coming into my own. A new level of being at peace with who I am and what I do… but more importantly also being at peace with the things that I can’t and don’t wish to do. At peace with not compromising my energy and wellbeing to please or impress others. Tricky balance, isn’t it? But right now, I reckon I’m up for the challenge.

I’m not an astrology boffin (sorry), although I must say that supposed rabbit traits of peacefulness, artistic ability, good taste, romantic nature and stubbornness do seem pretty accurate 🤔

But the thing I really liked was something I read about the water element:

“Water is the most powerful of elements for it can move around any obstacle in its path without losing its essential nature. Water can, in time, dissolve the hardest mountains.”

For me that sums up what this year is about. Not only is it about being true to our own nature - it’s about being Gentle. Gentle with ourselves, with our feelings, with others, and with the planet. Achieving things not through sweat, stress and conflict, but simply by setting intentions, calmly preparing the soil and then trusting and allowing them to grow and to blossom in their own time. You can’t tug on a seedling to make it grow faster, you can’t push a river on its journey to the ocean. It will get there in its own perfect time.

So my friends, enjoy this year that combines the playfulness of the rabbit with the gentleness of water. Let’s hop to it joyfully and energetically when we’re nudged to… but also remember to be gentle, peaceful and still when we need to. I reckon everything is going to be OK 😊

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