By Richard Goldsworthy

Music for Solo Piano

1 .Beautiful Dawn

4. The Passion

10. Stairway

13. Beautiful Dusk

2. On Wings

3. Lifted

11. The Starlight of Being

5. A Gentle Flow

6. The Quiet Power

7. The Joining of Hands

8. Absolute Love

9. The Joy in the Journey

12. A Whimsical Waltz

14. Gifted

15. All That I Am

My aim when creating this album was to produce gentle solo piano music that is relaxing in mood and yet uplifting at the same time – music to  “calm the mind and lift the spirit”.

The creative journey to produce Lifted began in 2010 on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii, where as well as the breathtaking scenery I was also inspired by the lovely harmonics of traditional Hawaiian music.  I did some more composing in the red deserts near Phoenix, Arizona before the album came to completion closer to home on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia - in the Noosa Hinterland and picturesque Blackall Ranges near Montville.

I had some amazingly joyous and beautiful experiences while creating “Lifted”... Thanks to all who helped to bring it into being...and most of all thanks to you, the listener... for the fact that you make it possible for me to make a living from my creativity... and for the stories you share of your experiences with my music that both humble me and fill me with joy!

Thank you for listening, for feeling... and for allowing yourself to be “Lifted”…


“Beautiful Dawn” from “Lifted”

Music Previews...  (click to play)


Composer’s Notes

Richard has the uncanny ability through his music to totally disarm the listener. His music in its own simple and magical way cuts through the walls of the intellect and touches the heart that lies beyond. A strange thing happens when I listen to his music with all my being, its as if I am "lifted" out of myself. set free of all the troubles and worries that weighed me down..… Alistair, Sunshine Coast, Qld

Hi Richard, my two friends and I were on what we dubbed our "Discovery" weekend on the beautiful Sunshine Coast when I discovered "Lifted" at Caloundra markets this morning. Isn't it amazing how life sometimes give you exactly what you need when you least expect it?  Feeling very uplifted, thank you for sharing your gift. - Verenie, Bauple, Qld

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